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What is testimony?

Testimony is a declaration, spoken or written, or deliberative hearing. It is an evidence in support of a fact or assertion or proof.

Living example

Economic Empowerment and Job Creation Programme, popularly known as J. K. Fund was started by Government in 2006. Its implementation has shown an impact specifically to the rural entrepreneurs who received the loan.


The impact assessment conducted in May 2009 had revealed that this programme has targeted to the poor rural entrepreneurs as intended by the Government.

The majority of entrepreneurs (78.8%) confirmed to have increased their earnings during phase I of this programme. They had clearly demonstrated that the following were among the impact of this programme:-

  1. Education for their children
  2. Were able to built good houses
  3. Able to take good nutritional food as compared to before the programme
  4. Positive mindset towards banks loans

One of the women from Manyoni district (Singida region) has clearly demostrated that before the J.K. Fund programme she used to sell goods through walking around the streets. After this programme she was able to rent the space for shop and open her own hair dressing salon after obtaining the loan from National Microfinace Bank (NMB) through this Programme.