Kuratibu Mifuko ya Uwezeshaji

Constrained accessibility to investment and working capital remains one of the major hurdles of development for the middle and low income people in Tanzania.They cannot access commercial credit because of stringent bank conditions including movable/immovable of collateral for the needed loans, high interest rates, bank fees etc.Furthermore the banking networks in the country are largely urban and peri-urban and quite thin in the rural settings.Thence empowerment funds promoted by the Government of Tanzania are crucial in bridging the gap and in promoting financial inclusiveness of the poor and “non-bankables.”The Mwananchi Empowerment Fund (MEF) under NEEC has already guaranteed loans worth more than 10 bn shillings through a framework agreement with CRDB bank.Such loans, which have been issued through Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS), have enabled thousands of entrepreneurs in rural areas to fulfill their dreams.NEEC has plans to also work with other Financial Institutions when the size and scope of the base capital allows.NEEC is also associated with the J.K. Empowerment Fund through which 21 billion shillings were lent to thousands of entrepreneurs in Districts across the country to promote empowerment and job creation.In view of its mandate NEEC also has a role of follow-up and coordination of the other Government Empowerment Funds and to provide up-dates of the same to Government, stakeholders and other interested parties.

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