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Among the key functions of NEEC are to coordinate the implementation of empowerment activities across sectors and players, mobilize resources for the citizens’ credit guarantee fund and administer its usage, facilitate entrepreneurship training programs for various groups of citizens and collaborate and network with organizations and institutions which promote economic empowerment and entrepren

In an effort to promote entrepreneurship, create employment and increase opportunities for Tanzanians to participate fully in economic activities, NEEC entered into a guarantee framework agreement with TIB Development Bank Limited, to create a Fund which will enable extension of concessionary loans and provision of credit guarantee to borrowers in Tanzania Mainland.

Kijana Jiajiri is a new national program for under- served young entrepreneurs across Tanzania, with the aim of playing a key role in addressing the growing youth unemployment crisis.

NEEC and NDC have developed relationship based on their mutual desires to collaborate towards enhancement of local economic development and empowerment through projects under implementation by NDC in empowering local community surrounding the mining projects.

Young Graduate Entrepreneurship Clinic is a program designed by NEEC to empower Youth graduating from higher learning institutions through entrepreneurship skills, coaching, mentoring and linking to access to finance by exploring available entrepreneurship opportunities and utilize it.

This is the initiative by which the NEEC works in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to promote domestic carpentry industry.

Access to and effective application of ICT is a basic prerequisite for community development. Tanzania like many other developing nations, have limited access to ICT in rural areas compared to urban areas. The concept of rural telecentre has emerged as an important strategy to fill in the gap in the digital divide in the rural areas of developing countries.

The National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) in collaboration with the Regional Secretariats (RAs), Local Government Authorities (LGAs) and National Beekeeping Supplies Limited including key stakeholders in 10 regions, and designed a Five Years’ Eastern Central & Western Tanzania Asali Corridor Programme (EC & WT Asali Corridor), from 2013/14-202017/18, intending to increase honey p