About Ajira Yangu Business Plan Competition:

Ajira Yangu Business Plan Competition is a collaborative effort between International Labour Organization and National Economic Empowerment Council to support young entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business ideas with a potential for employment creation as well as providing systematic business development mentorship over a defined period of time to young women and men running businesses in Tanzania.

The competition is an opportunity for young women and men who have started and are running enterprises with the potential of job creation but lack further support in form of growth capital, networks and mentorship which could accelerate the growth of their youth-led enterprises.

The competition seeks young entrepreneurs, women and men, who have the passion, drive, and determination to start and grow their businesses, specializing in the following sectors;

  1. Agribusiness and agri-processing including manufacturing
  2. Media, marketing, communications, sports, logistics, arts and culture, tourism and recreation
  3. Green and ecological business including social business.
  4. Information and Communication Technologies including business processing and outsourcing.

The support/Recognition a minimum of 10 winners, individuals/companies/groups will be provided with a seed capital to start and improve their businesses.