Kijana Jiajiri is a new national program for under- served young entrepreneurs across Tanzania, with the aim of playing a key role in addressing the growing youth unemployment crisis.

This Program was prepared by the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC), Youth Business International (YBI) a United Kingdom Trustee organization and Tanzania Entrepreneurship Competitiveness Centre (TECC).

TECC is a public private academia partnership (PPAP) as foreseen in the MKUKUTA II implementation arrangement, to create knowledge economy with skilled manpower and entrepreneurs and support local economic development through Public Private Partnership.

TECC was jointly formed in 2013 by the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC), Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), and Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH).

TECC act as the project manager of the Kijana Jiajiri program mandated to manage day to day operations of the entire project during the entire period.

The goal of this program is the creation of successful new businesses, empowering individuals, bettering livelihoods, creating jobs, strengthening local supply chains and stronger communities.

Overall Goal: The goal is to tackle youth unemployment by helping young entrepreneurs create businesses for themselves and to employ others.

Specific Objectives

  1. Youth Focused Entrepreneurship Development.
  2. An Integrated program of start-up support for under-served young entrepreneurs in Tanzania.
  3. Program growing year on year to meet demand.
  4. Linkages with complementary program in entrepreneurship education and employability.

Target population: Youth aged 15 to 35 years of age.

Pilot Areas:  Lindi, Mtwara and Dar es Salaam regions.

Selection criteria: The program will be widely advertised in the respective centres through various communication channels for the targeted youth to apply.

Program Focus Area: Entrepreneurship Training, Mentoring and Access to Finance.

Expected Outcome:

  1. Turning young job seekers into job creators.
  2. Creation of successful new businesses,
  3.  Strengthening local supply chains
  4.  Stronger communities.

Pilot Phase: For the pilot phase (April 2015 to March 2016) each of the 4 centers mentioned in above, will select 60 young people with entrepreneurial drive and provide them with the following:

a. Training on Business and Entrepreneurship.

b. Matching with dedicated experienced business person to coach and assist the young business person for 12 months.

c.Linking with participating financial institutions such as TIB Development Bank, UTT Microfinance, Postal Bank, etc for business loans.

From April 2017, the KIJANA JIAJIRI will be rolled all over the country.


i. Only serious young business persons will be linked to the participating Financial Institutions.

ii. The loans will be provided only after satisfying conditions for loans set by the bank.

NEEC, TECC, YBI and other partners will not make decisions regarding who should get a loan or not.

Youth attended the program with a convincing business idea will be guided to prepare a bankable business plan which convince the banks  how the business will make profits and return loans with interest.

Implementing Partners: SIDO, TCCIA, VETA, TIB DEVELOPMENT BANK, UTT-MICROFINANCE LTD, POSTAL BANK... (their logo to appear)

Supporters of the Program: The Tanzania LNG Consortium which include; BG Tanzania, Statoil, ExxonMobil, Ophir Energy and Pavilion Energy.

For further information contact:

Tanzania Entrepreneurship Competitiveness Centre (TECC)

C/O Tanzania Private Sector Foundation

P. O. Box 11 313, Dar es Salaam

+255 22 260 191

3 /22 260 1938

Fax: +255 22 260 2368