NEEC and NDC have developed relationship based on their mutual desires to collaborate towards enhancement of local economic development and empowerment through projects under implementation by NDC in empowering local community surrounding the mining projects.

The collaborative arrangement will cover areas of facilitation and promotion of economic growth, knowledge and skills, Industrial parks, Marketing, Cooperatives, Networking and Financial Access.

NEEC and NDC are expecting to empower local people surrounding the mining projects such Mchuchuma and Liganga in Ludewa Districts where coal and iron ore projects are under implementation to exploit the available opportunities.

This will be achieved through the following empowering programs;

  1. Coordinating entrepreneurship training on identifying and exploiting the opportunities.
  2. Promoting socio-economic infrastructures developments in the project areas.
  3. Linking the local population with access to finance.
  4. Promoting cooperatives and market networking.
  5. Identifying and developing industrial parks.

NEEC and NDC to date have achieved the following in the program;

  1. Sensitizing the local community in identifying local economic development project through Participatory Appraisal of Competitive Advantage (PACA).
  2. Advocating to LGA to champion the promotion of local economic development program in the area.
  3. Packaging economic projects ready for funding support.
  4. Initiating discussion with the investors to enter into pre-purchase agreement with the local suppliers.
  5. Development of Local Empowerment Framework for the project which provides a roadmap how the local community in the project area could be empowered.

NEEC and NDC will encourage participation of public and private sectors both locally and internationally in realizing the desired benefits in promoting local economic development.